The Walking Dead poster

In just a few hours of gameplay, it’s already far more interesting than the show…

Sitting in the back of a Police car is always a good way to start. Lee Everett, on his way to being incarcerated for killing a state senator who was having an affair with his wife, is deep in conversation with the officer driving, or not saying a word; it’s entirely up to you. Trying to lighten the mood the driver turns to talk to you, not noticing ‘something’ walking in the road. He hits the ‘walker’ head on and comes straight off the highway.

Recovering from the wreckage and the handcuffs that once bound him, Lee notices the officer twitch, only to then spring to life and attack Lee. Panicked and confused, you take over scrambling or any means of warding of the attack. After dealing with the problem you escape toward the nearest form of civilisation. Meeting a small brave girl who is hiding in a treehouse, you and new found Clementine embark further into the mystery of the walkers and the sudden outburst. You suddenly meet a friendly face, who assures you that his farm is a safe haven compared the hell that dawned around you in the blink of an eye. Shawn takes you to his farm to help survive the blight with his family and other survivors.

Lee, given the ability to start fresh, leaving his murder behind, him decides to do whatever he can to protect Clementine and all those around him. You, as the player, make decisions, that may be split-second or you may get time to think things over. Either way, whatever you think, say and do will affect the rest of the game. With no option to turn back, ‘The Walking Dead’ keeps you moving forward totally at whatever pace it wants you to go. Crave the quiet moments you get; they may be your last.
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