Gears of War poster

2006 – when men were just manly husks of meat…

Deep inside a maximum security prison, Marcus Fenix, is freed from his cell by his close friend Dominic Santiago. Knowing better than anyone else, Dom asks Marcus for his help against the Locust Hordes, creatures that have been burrowed underneath the planet’s crust for who knows how long. As you take over the role of Marcus, you discover that the Colonel has pardoned everyone in the prison to allow them to help fight. Everyone except Fenix. You are taken through the prison into a courtyard, battling your way through waves of enemies and entering the courtyard. Upon escaping on the last helicopter out of there, you’re well met by your new Lieutenant and a new recruit and are then informed that you are on your way to meeting Hoffman, the Colonel that wanted to keep you behind bars.

After a brief and rather cold reception with Hoffman, you are ambushed by a group of Locust. Seeking shelter, Hoffman tells the Lieutenant about a plan that will end the war, but it requires something called the Resonator, which was last seen with another squad. It will map out the tunnels of the locust and give the best data to drop a Light Mass Bomb to cave in all the tunnels and end the war.

With the target in hand you embark to find the Resonator, delving deeper into locust territory, surrounded by the unknown that becomes more and more deadly. Marcus, forgets his troubled past and leads the team further into oblivion. Dom, the best right hand man you could ask for, travels alongside Marcus in search of his missing wife. Every other soldier you meet along the way works as a well-oiled machine to conquer the Locust faction in order to salvage what is left of the war-torn planet that humanity once ruled.
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